About the Editor
Colin Jones

The Editor of Business Opportunities Digest since 1982. He was the publisher’s logical appointment; a teacher, with a young family and a mortgage, struggling to make ends meet, trying his hand at a range of part-time salary supplements.

These enterprises ranged from photography and car delivery to football coaching, a language school and a discount club. The eventual choice was writing books and magazine features, even though doing two jobs often meant an 5.30am start, before going to the day job and coming home to work through the evening. Fatiguing but satisfying – to say nothing of the very welcome extra money.

Colin is now a full-time, self-employed writer, combining his experiences and research for Business Opportunities Digest. He is assisted by his wife and business partner, Rita and a small team of researchers and advisers. Together they form a unique and indispensable guide to making a second-income or starting a business. Claim your two FREE issues of BOD today.

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